On September 13, 2021, Moonka officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LPDi – a project to help investors and customers participate in the golf market through blockchain technology platform easily and conveniently.  and transparent.

Relationship between Moonka and LPDi

LPDi is a 100% invested enterprise in Singapore with business license 202112208Z.  They raise capital from the financial market in Singapore and invest directly in LPD Vietnam in the real estate and golf sectors with the potential to grow more than 300% per year in the golf sector.

With the vision to become the largest technology-based real estate investment company in Vietnam, which focuses on high-tech golf course chain projects serving the middle class and the emerging rich. The mission of LPDi brings many economic values   and social benefits to investors and customers.

Through this cooperation, Moonka will become a reliable, safe and transparent intermediary partner to help investors and customers access to learn and contribute capital to the LPDi project.

About LPDi

Services and products

LPDi provides golf course service in major cities of Vietnam.

Provide technology solutions for golf course management and golf course booking.

Providing radar technology solutions from UK for golfers and golf courses in Vietnam.

HIO insurance products for golf courses.

Provide accompanying services for Citigolf members such as Golf Training, golf equipment rental and sale, golf tour service and other accompanying entertainment services


LPDi invests in a chain of high-tech golf courses under the brand name CitiGolf Vietnam, combined with technology from the UK.

LPDi is expected to complete the first golf driving range in December 2021, each year will develop 3-5 more golf driving ranges according to this model nationwide.


About Moonka

Moonka is a real estate encryption platform using Blockchain technology. The platform provides a solution to help “Buy Together” Real Estate convenient, decentralized and transparent.  In June 2021, the project was officially launched to the public.  In terms of the idea of   bringing Blockchain into the Real Estate sector, Moonka belongs to the pioneer group in this field in Vietnam.

Moonka aims to revolutionize the global real estate industry.  In particular, the general investment and escrow protocol is significantly innovated compared to the traditional form.

Currently, the traditional real estate industry is facing many inadequacies and many unresolved problems. Through Moonka, we want to contribute to solving some of the dilemmas in the traditional real estate investment market.

The solutions Moonka wants to solve:

Dividing real estate assets.

24/7 quick liquidity support.

Legal support for the property.

Foreigners can invest easily.

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